Custom Fabricated Ceramic Component

Machinable Ceramics in Size Grades

Machinable CeramicsToday, ceramics are being specified for more and more applications. Often, designers are restricted by the lack of an available, diversified choice of ceramics.

To meet this need, AC Technologies has six (6) grades of machinable ceramics available. Each grade has unique features that will assist in solving your application problems. Most importantly, all are designed to be shaped without hard tooling so that you can be your own In-House Ceramic Fabricator.

ACMA-1100 Aluminum Silicate is the most economical and diverse material. May be machined and used as is to 500C or fired to 1000C use temperature. "MACHINABILITY"
ACMG-600 Glass Bonded Mica body features very high dielectric strength and non-porosity. Works well in vacuum. Operates to 595C. "VACUUM INTEGRITY"
MACOR© Macor is a widely recognized material for Military, Aerospace & Instrumentation. Machinable to close tolerances and operates to 1000C. "UNIVERSAL USAGE" ©Corning Glass Works
ACMS-1200 Fused Silica is ideal where temperature gradient or fluctuations are severe. It does not stress relieve (crack). Operates to 1200C. "THERMAL SHOCK"
ACMB-1400 Bisque Fired Alumina is a partially fired body of Alumina. Though it differes from dense material, it does not operate to 1400C. "HIGHEST OPERATING TEMPERATURE"
BORON NITRIDE Boron Nitride is readily machinable to close tolerances. Ideal for applications requiring high thermal cond. & electrical properties. "MACHINABILITY"